A powerful spray to quickly remove insect residue from the windscreen and car body. Better vision means better safety.



Eres INSECT-REMOVER contains unique surfactants and solvents, for quick and easy action.



Eres INSECT-REMOVER has an especially powerful action, for a sparkling shine.


Environmental advice: The bottle (PE) and sprayer (PP) are 100% recyclable and after rinsing they can be brought to the local recycling system. Spray bottle, without flammable or ozone-destroying propellant. The surface active ingredients in this cleaner are of vegetal origin and readily biodegradable.


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Aqua, Isopropyl alcohol, Glycol, Ppg-4 Laureth-5, Glycerin, Quaternary C12-14 alkyl methylamine ethoxylate methylchloride, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Ammonium hydroxide, Sodium chloride.

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