What is it?

The IFS-HPC (household and personal care products) certificate is a standard that stands for safe and high-quality products / processes from suppliers, in particular for the manufacture of household and personal care products. This is achieved, among other things, by identifying the various steps in the (production) process and identifying and controlling potential risks. In this way, the quality in every step of the production process is guaranteed such as mixing, filling, labeling, etc..


The development of this standard was made possible through collaboration with HPC industries, retailers and certification entities. As a result, the most important properties and the ever-evolving needs of the HPC industries were defined as precisely as possible. It results in the most tailor-made standard for controlling household and personal care products and their processes, ensuring the consumer of safe products.


The IFS HPC certificate is strongly supported by major retailers such as Delhaize, Lidl, Carrefour, Metro, etc.


The IFS-HPC certificate obtained by Eres-Sapoli guarantees:


• Qualitative, regulatory and safe products for the consumer

• Quality and risk management throughout the entire production process

• Traceability of the goods produced