For over 110 years, Eres-Sapoli has been associated with quality cleaning products and fire-lighters.


The Eres and Sapoli brands offer a range of cleaning solutions for all types of surfaces and items, both in and around the home. Not to mention a range of specific cleaning products for your textiles. We have three goals: to help you to clean better, more quickly and more effectively.


Back in 1902, Sapoli was already a leader in the field of wood treatment. As soon as it launched, Eres was seen as an innovative company producing the very best cleaning products. From Belgium’s first genuine bathroom cleaner to the first spray cleaner for glass ceramic hobs in Europe, to laminate cleaners with an anti-dust function, Eres has always been at your service. This continues with our new ‘Cleaning Match’ concept, which we explain in more detail elsewhere on this site.

Today Eres-Sapoli is among the leading producers and distributors of top-quality cleaning products in Belgium. These include advanced cleaning products for the kitchen and the bathroom, through to modern cleaners for metals, leather care products, and additives for all textiles and fire-lighters. Eres-Sapoli is famous for the superior quality of its products and the added value this brings you. We continually invest in research and development, so as to further enhance our products. The unique characteristics of our formulas and packages are very important, in addition to the smart and specific ways that our products are used. All of these help to make a real difference.


Thanks to our continual investment, we offer a range of specialist cleaning products with even greater effectiveness. Try Eres for yourself, we think you’ll be delighted with the results! Because where other products fail, ours do just the opposite. Many of our products clean, as well as nourish, restore and protect. So not surprisingly, Eres-Sapoli is proud of its slogan: ‘You can trust our quality[T1] ’.


You can find Eres products in major sales outlets in Belgium and in many other countries: stores specialising in DIY, hardware stores and supermarkets.


Looking for advice on cleaning or information about our cleaning products? Please contact us.

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