Eres-Sapoli has been deeply committed to the environment for some years now. As far as our company is concerned, we always strive to comply fully with the requirements set by environmental standards. Indeed Eres-Sapoli aims to do more than simply comply with legal standards. We therefore go the extra mile to reduce the environmental impact of every aspect of our products, from production through to their composition and packaging.

In many of our products, we use high-concentration formulas plus ingredients of very high quality. Thanks to these strong formulas, you can use less of the relevant product. This reduces the environmental impact, and helps us to make savings in packaging and transport. So we are helping the environment, whilst scoring economic points. To sum up, when you use Eres, you are doing what’s best for the environment.

Our production


  • VLAREM, the Flemish Regulation on Environment, places Eres-Sapoli in class 1. So we are obliged to draft a report with an external environmental consultant. We also have to carry out a regular review of the soil and an inventory of our waste and emissions.
  • Working with the environment protection services of East Flanders, we developed a comprehensive project to prevent waste and emissions.
  • We already sort our waste and recycle whenever possible.
  • Our rinse water is limited to the absolute minimum, thanks to larg-scale manufacturing and a sophisticated production process. This rinse water is not discharged (although this is legally allowed), but instead is stored and purified.

Our formulas

  • Being one of just a few Belgian companies that produce cleaning products, we have already strived for 25 years to make use of plant-based surfactants. This extra investment enables us to make products with superior quality, which is not always the case for so-called ‘eco-friendly’ products.

  • Rather than calling on petroleum derivatives, we work with solvents based on renewable plant resources, such as bioethanol and alternatives to cellulose which are environmentally friendly.

Our packaging



  • The new packaging from Eres-Sapoli is lighter and above all 100% recyclable.
  • As a member of FostPlus, Val-I-Pack and EcoDDS (IDU: FR208517_07MFAK) we strive to minimise the impact of our waste.
  • We also insist that our suppliers are environmentally friendly. For example, some 80% of all the packaging we use comes from recycled cardboard.
  • All of our packages display specific information and environmental instructions.


Our goal of minimising environmental impact means that we are always looking for improvements. At Eres-Sapoli, we are proud to say that we use the latest raw materials in order to achieve our environmental protection objectives. In doing this, we demonstrate that the environment and quality can go hand in hand.



  • Who is awarded the European Ecolabel?

The EU Ecolabel is different, because it looks at the whole product cycle, from obtaining and choosing the raw materials, through the production process, right up to the moment when the product is finally thrown away as waste. Products carrying the EU Ecolabel are better for the environment, reliable, high-quality and better for your health. They only receive the label after passing very strict selection criteria. These criteria are also regularly reviewed so that they always take account of the latest innovations.

  • Some 40 years ago, Eres SANI-NET was the first real bathroom cleaner on the  Belgian market.  As with every product developed by Eres-Sapoli, power and efficiency were its most important qualities.  However, the ecological impact was and is of the utmost importance: 40 year ago, Eres-Sapoli was already a pioneering advocate for a better environment.    This is something which Eres-Sapoli has alway put at least some of its effort into calling for.   That these claims were not just plucked out of thin air was proved in a 1992 report from the Industriële Hogeschool CTL Ghent (see below): the test demonstrated that 99.8% of the formula was broken down through biological processes in just the first 48 hours 

In 2018 consumers are more critical than ever, which is why we went straight away for the most obvious evidence by way of a statement: Eres SANI-NET Original has been awarded  the European Ecolabel.


  • The benefits...Eres SANI-NET Original is still the powerful, high-quality bathroom cleaner it always was! Effective removal of limescale, dirt and soap residues and even rust, a smear-free result and glossy finish are still your top priorities as a consumer, but now you also know that it has a minimal impact on the environment.  All researched and tested by neutral bodies.

And what goes for Eres SANI-NET also holds for the whole Eres range, wherever possible!