What is it?

The EU Ecolabel or ‘the Flower’ (named after the logo with the flower and the stars) is the official European environmental label recognized by all countries of the European Union and by Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland. It distinguishes itself by looking at the complete cycle of a product: from the collection and selection of raw materials, through the production process, to the waste processing of the product.

Products that bear the EU Ecolabel are more environmentally friendly without sacrificing quality. The label is only awarded after meeting strict selection criteria. These criteria are also regularly revised on the basis of the latest innovations.

Eres obtained the EU Ecolabel for the Eres Sani-Net Original. The environmentally conscious approach to the choice of high-quality raw materials, the production processes and the waste processing of our products is decisive for the Eres range: where possible, ecology, together with efficient operation, takes precedence. For more information click here.


The EU Ecolabel that Eres Sani-Net Original obtained guarantees:

  • Environmentally conscious products that do not compromise on quality at the same time
  • To meet strict environmental criteria controlled by an independent body
  • To provide you as a consumer with a recognized and confidential image as opposed to the proliferation of (misleading) environmental labels