Eres-Sapoli takes over the unique CHIMNEY SWEEP

Eres-Sapoli takes over the patent and the production for a unique CHIMNEY SWEEP.


Eres-Sapoli bought the rights and production of the chemical CHIMNEY SWEEP from the French company Brunel sa.


What is unique about this chimney sweeping system is that whereas the conventional soot remover logs mix the active ingredients with wood and paraffin (pollutant), this patented system concentrates all the active material in the middle. This not only allows to show the high amount of active material, but it also makes that it is released concentrated at the ideal time: when the temperature in the log is the highest.

The Chimney Sweep integrates perfectly with the Eres range for open fires and stoves (Fire-Lighters, Stove Window Cleaner, Black-Polish, ...) and is marketed under different brands in several countries.