Special unblocker for all blockages in the bathroom. Extra powerful against blockages caused by hair, soap residue, grease, toilet paper, etc. Efficiently removes bad odors after unclogging. Can be used preventively to prevent blockages and against bad odours. Safe for pipes and siphons.



Specific additives make Eres BATHROOM UNBLOCKER extremely powerful against blockages caused by ao hair



Quickly and efficiently dissolves all blockages in the bathroom caused by hair, soap residue, grease, toilet paper, etc.



Weekly use of 100 ml prevents clogging and bad odors from the pipes


Read the label carefully!


Environmental advice: Dispose of contents/container to hazardous or special waste collection point, in accordance with local regulation.


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Aqua, Sodium hydroxide, Sodium hypochlorite, Lauramine oxide, Aminotrismethylenphosphonic acid
N-oxid pentapotassium salt

In the Cosing database you will find information about the INCI names of the ingredients that are listed according to the detergent regulation.

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