Cleans and protects all your natural and man-made carpets deep down into the fibres. The best result, together with a pleasant fresh fragrance.



Eres TAPIS-NET contains powerful cleaning active agents that penetrate to the heart of your carpets’ fibres, forming tiny crystals that absorb dirt. This powder is easily removed after drying by vacuuming.



Your carpets regain their freshness and original colours.



Eres TAPIS-NET leaves a protective layer so that your carpets stay clean for longer.


Environmental advice: The bottle (PE) and the cap  (PP) are 100% recyclable.  After rinsing they can be brought to the local recycling system. The surface active ingredients in this cleaner are of vegetal origin and readily biodegradable.



Aqua, Styrene acrylate copolymer, Sodium dodecyl sulphate, Sodium n- lauroylsarcosinate, Parfum, Reaction mass of amides, rape-oil, n-(hydroxyethyl), ethoxylated and glycerol, ethoxylated, Limonene, Trideceth-3, Benzisothiazolinone, Octylisothiazolinone


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