A fast and powerful cleaner for silver (plates, dishes, pots and coffee sets).  Also suitable for chrome and nickel.



Eres SILVER-NET cleans and polishes without scratching, and effortlessly gives a sparkling shine to your silver, chrome and nickel objects.



Eres SILVER-NET contains an ingredient that makes your silver water-repellent, prevents dirt and ensures a lasting shine.



Eres SILVER-NET removes the dirt down to the grooves, because it can be rinsed.


Environmental advice: The bottle (PE) and the cap  (PP) are 100% recyclable.  After rinsing they can be brought to the local recycling system. The surface active ingredients in this cleaner are of vegetal origin and readily biodegradable.


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Aqua, Quartz, Alcohol, Titanium dioxide, Ppg-4 laureth-5, Fatty acids, c14-18 and c16-18-unsatd., Octadecane-1-thiol, Laureth-3, Xanthan gum, 2,2'-oxybisethanol; diëthyleenglycol, Silicic acid, aluminum magnesium sodium salt, Parfum, Ammonium hydroxide, Trideceth-3, Amyl cinnamal, Butylphenyl methylpropional, Benzisothiazolinone, Octylisothiazolinone


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