As of this week the time has come... The new concept: 'Products of Yesteryear' is on the first store shelves! With a range of 10 products, Eres offers a solution for complete indoor and outdoor cleaning:


Moreover, the Products of Yesteryear are often of natural origin (which means that they can be found in nature without chemical processing). This allows you to contribute to a better environment, without compromising on the power of these remedies. Talk about a win-win!


How do you best use these old remedies? You can find out in the handy brochure (currently only in Dutch and French) wich you can find here! For each product you will find applications, facts, formulas, product information and a handy overview that will make your house just as radiant as grandmother did!


After a Facebook call, the name of the lady who represents our range was also determined. None other than 'Louise' will promote our range and ensure that the brochures reach the Cleaners of Yesteryear!